Vatican yesterday, Coliseum today!

Turns out that we arrived in Rome at what forecasters predict will be the hottest weather stretch of the whole year! It is Dallas-summers hot, and air conditioning units are about as common as a hummingbird in (a Vancouver) winter: you know they are there, somewhere, but you rarely see them.

In spite of that, and in spite of a crush of crowds that had our guide’s eyebrows raised in surprise, we had an amazing early-morning visit to the Sistine Chapel yesterday.

Photos not allowed. (Bummer!)

That was followed by hours of tromping for miles (ok, kilometers) around buildings and gardens that had astonishing artful creations covering every surface and filling every space.

Then we went into St Peter’s Basilica, and when the guide explained how it is built over the rocky site where Peter was buried, and how Romans and Catholics believe it fulfils Christ’s prophecy about Peter, “Upon this rock my church will be built,” I got goosebumps.

Amazing. I can hardly believe we’re here.

And today, we go to the Coliseum, the Forum, and Ceasar’s Palace.


I just hope we don’t melt!



Hot, hot, hot…

We arrived in amazing Rome today, and I promptly started melting into a puddle. Laid down for a nap, was out for three hours, woke up still melting!

I think I get the point of siestas now, big time. Whewf!

This evening, Jeff messaged our host about a fan, and we discovered he’d forgotten to tell us about his A/C unit!


…Hope it works…



Gondoliers at work


A few scenes from Venice, Italy


Some days I really hate Google Maps

Today, stupid Google Maps took us through a wicked traffic jam caused by a closed freeway, when it could have steered us completely around it.

And then it tricked us into going through it again.

I don’t want to talk about it any more. 👿

(At least we eventually made it to Tuscany in spite of that stupid app, so, once again, all’s well that ends well…harrumph…)