Some days I really hate Google Maps

Today, stupid Google Maps took us through a wicked traffic jam caused by a closed freeway, when it could have steered us completely around it.

And then it tricked us into going through it again.

I don’t want to talk about it any more. 👿

(At least we eventually made it to Tuscany in spite of that stupid app, so, once again, all’s well that ends well…harrumph…)


SOOO close!

New Goal: 20,000 steps in one day.

Only trouble is, my tootsies are doing a wee bit of grumbling about it…lol!

Aiming for 20,000 steps

Oh so close to cracking 20,000 steps!


Gondola Ride

A peaceful moment:

Almost a traffic jam:


A room with a view!

So, we arrived in Venice in a downpour of epic proportions, and had to hike our stuff to our flat over stepped bridges and down obscure alleyways after lugging it onto — and off of — the vaporetta (waterbus)…and then we couldn’t reach our host to get access to our flat for what seemed an interminable fifteen minutes!

Then, once we got the keys, we had to hump it, groceries and all, up three flights of stairs.

Our host opened the shutters despite the rain and lightening, just in time for a brief break in the clouds, and it was suddenly all worth it when we saw this…

I’m very pleased to say that we have a room with a view!




The license plate game?

Truck from...where?

Truck from…where?

You know how we try to spot license plates from each province and state as we drive around in North America?

Well, driving from Torino to Venice today, I suddenly realized we were seeing transport trucks from a variety of different countries!

I’ve spotted trucks with markings indicating Russia, Croatia, Slovakia, “North Africa,” Poland, Spain, France, and Germany, at a minimum…other than Italy, of course.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to interpret their license plates, so I have to do my best with brand identities on the sides of the trucks, which don’t always help me.

Still, this is fun!

Truck from Poland

Truck from Poland