Off to Spain today!

Well, we’re nearly packed and almost ready to head to Spain today.

Lisbon has been great! More pictures and stories to come…and maybe even a bit of audio and video, I hope.

For the next three days, we’ll be on a beach somewhere in Southern  Spain, doing nothing. No plans to sightsee, just enjoy the beach, and read, and flake out…and fill in the blog, of course!


Faia Restaurant

This place was *amazing*: great food, gentle service, and wonderful, live Fado music!

Faia Restaurant, also highly rated onTripAdvisor, and on

May 27, 2015.

Portugese guitars in Faia Restaurant

Portugese guitars in Faia Restaurant


Epic Sana Lisboa

Well, I would definitely stay here, at Epic Sana Lisboa, again. In fact, their room layout is so smart I think I’d like something close to it for our own master suite someday!

Bonus link: TripAdvisor entry

Room (the picture doesn't do it justice...)

Room (the picture doesn’t do it justice…)



Extreme Segway!

Never having been on a Segway before, Jeff signed us up for this life-and-limbs-beware adventure through Alfama, the oldest part of Lisbon. (“You signed us up for…WHAT??!??”)

Our first time out on one of these things, and we’re bombing over cobblestones, avoiding cars in streets that aren’t even wide enough for cars yet cars squish down anyway (how do they do that?), jumping up curbs, trying to stay out of tram tracks, bouncing through potholes…all while trying to keep up with the group without crashing into the suddenly-terrified or suddenly-distracted or suddenly-de-Segwayed person in front of us…while simultaneously looking at the scenery! ha ha! Crazy…

Taking pictures while riding was kinda hairy, but I managed to sneak off a couple of them anyway.

Here are a few of my snaps, taken at great peril to my physical well-being. And, actually, it really was a LOT of fun! (But don’t tell Jeff I said that…)

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I’m Awake!

OK, I'm Awake Now

OK, I’m Awake Now…

So, um… when you are sharing a hotel room with a sleeping beauty (that would be EA), and you wake up at an ungodly hour in the still-dark morning and can’t get back to sleep (that would be Jeff), maybe wait until it’s kind of time to get up before trying to make coffee with the Nespresso machine that is located a few feet away from said sleeping beauty’s head…

It’s remarkable how much like a jackhammer a Nespresso can sound…