Noontime bells ringing out all over old Pinerolo

We absolutely loved the sound of these old bells, one near us (visible in the video) and one further up the hillside behind (not visible in the video), chiming out every quarter of an hour! Hope you enjoy hearing them gonging away for the noon hour on June 22, 2015.

Pinerolo, Italy.


Driving the streets of the old city of Pinerolo, Italy

Jacquie took us for a spin on the streets around her neighbourhood in the old city of Pinerolo, Italy. What a blast! And is she ever good at navigating them… 🙂


A Choral Surprise!

As we were leaving the square (more specifically La Place de la République, Arles, France), we saw this big tour group clowning around and getting their photo taken.

“That’s nice; they’re sure having a lot of fun,” we commented to each other.

We sauntered off down the “road,” thinking it was about time for an afternoon coffee and getting about a block away in our search for a café, when we suddenly heard this amazing choral music coming from behind us.

We turned around and zipped back, me pulling out my iPhone as fast as I could, and we captured most — not all — of the piece. The tour group wasn’t a tour group after all, it was a choir, and a very good one at that!

They appeared to be done, starting to step away, and I put my iPhone away to head out again, only to discover they had just decided to do another piece…

Alas, again, I missed the very beginning, but, oh well… I did my best. (Sorry…)

Jeff and I were thrilled with the unexpected musical treat, and hope you enjoy it, too!





Should we try this crazy road?

We’re thinking of going out to Sa Calobra, which looks absolutely stunning and we hear is absolutely worth the trip, day after tomorrow. We also heard there is a crazy mountain road to get to it, so I looked it up and found this on YouTube.

I think I would be having a white-knuckle ride in the bus, but think…hope…that riding in the car with Jeffrey at the wheel (in a stick-shift VW Golf) will be ok…at least, most of the time!

Aside from the crazy driving, the other thing that absolutely gets me about this crazy road is the number of crazy cyclists on it! Oh, and I love where the bus driver actually honks at someone so he can get by, somewhere around 12:20.

What do you think? Could you ride this road?



Tuk Tuk Ride Through Old Lisbon

This was so much fun! A little hairy at times, but fun.