We’re at Jacquie’s place in Italy!

After reconnecting with my school friend Jacqueline (I still call her “Jacquie” and she still calls me “Erin”) several years ago (thank you, Facebook), we’re finally here, visiting her in her wonderful little home town of Pinerolo, Italy!

She reminded me tonight that we’ve been friends since we were nine years old. Where have the years gone? wow…

It’s absolutely wonderful to see her again, and to get a little glimpse into her chosen European life. We’re also really looking forward to meeting her Italian husband, Paolo, tomorrow night!

Everything I’ve gotten from Jacquie since we’ve reconnected online tells me that she’s very happy — contented is actually the word I’d use for what I sense from her — in her life here with him and with her son (now grown and studying abroad), and that just gives me such joy.

What more value is there in life than that? The people we love are everything.

Here’s to a few days with a lovely “old” friend!

(Picture to come.)



Now we know…

So, the morning we leave Mallorca for France, we drop some stuff off at the post office to mail home.

We finish up, leave, and walk back out to the car, only to find a bylaw officer giving us a parking ticket.


Turns out that, on Mallorca, parking spaces painted with blue paint instead of white are paid spots, and the meter was hidden across the street behind some huge, communal garbage bins. White parking spots are free. Blue are most certainly not free, not even when the meter is hidden and the spots are for going to the post office.

Nice trick. 40Euros worth.

Of course, we could skip our flight to Marseilles and go 15 km into Calvía on Monday to plead our case. Ha ha! Not.


At least we’ll know for next time? At least now YOU’LL know for when YOU go to Mallorca. Which you, seriously, should do. What a beautiful, classy island.

(Even the bylaw officer was nice about it. It was already all written up and entered into his system, too late to reverse. He looked really sad for us, actually.)

Call this a hard-learned Travel Tip.

(Damn…oh, sorry, said that already…)



A million words behind in Majorca!

Es Trenc Beach, Majorca, Spain

Es Trenc Beach, Majorca, Spain

Well, we’ve been so busy running around and seeing things and getting sunburnt and discovering yummy food and all kinds of other stuff, I’ve not really kept up with this blog!

We’re in Mallorca, aka Majorca, right now, off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s amazing!

AirBnB is working out well for us thus far. So is Orange, the service that I’m using for my cell connection. 20 Euros gets me 2 GB. Pretty good, eh?

Here’s a picture of the beach we went to today. Tomorrow: the big cathedral in Palma de Majorca that was first started in the 1200s!


Palau de Musica

Can’t wait to go to a concert of Tchaiovsky’s compositions performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Moscow at the Palau de Musica (Music Palace) tonight! How fitting that such grand music should be performed in a purpose-built “palace,” I say.

Maybe it will help me get over the shock of having to behead and gut a (dead already, thankfully) chicken before I could cook it tonight? (More on that when I get my photos uploaded…)


Barcelona, here we come!

After three sleepy days in the sun (once Murphy had his fun and pushed the clouds away again, that is), we’re off to beautiful Barcelona to meet up with Jeff’s university friend Peter and his wife Joanna.

Can’t wait! Gaudy’s Cathedral, a musical concert, and lots of other sites/sights and sense-engaging activities lie ahead!

I hope I can sorta catch up on all the things we have to tell you about…