Now we know…

So, the morning we leave Mallorca for France, we drop some stuff off at the post office to mail home.

We finish up, leave, and walk back out to the car, only to find a bylaw officer giving us a parking ticket.


Turns out that, on Mallorca, parking spaces painted with blue paint instead of white are paid spots, and the meter was hidden across the street behind some huge, communal garbage bins. White parking spots are free. Blue are most certainly not free, not even when the meter is hidden and the spots are for going to the post office.

Nice trick. 40Euros worth.

Of course, we could skip our flight to Marseilles and go 15 km into Calvía on Monday to plead our case. Ha ha! Not.


At least we’ll know for next time? At least now YOU’LL know for when YOU go to Mallorca. Which you, seriously, should do. What a beautiful, classy island.

(Even the bylaw officer was nice about it. It was already all written up and entered into his system, too late to reverse. He looked really sad for us, actually.)

Call this a hard-learned Travel Tip.

(Damn…oh, sorry, said that already…)


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