Off to Spain today!

Well, we’re nearly packed and almost ready to head to Spain today.

Lisbon has been great! More pictures and stories to come…and maybe even a bit of audio and video, I hope.

For the next three days, we’ll be on a beach somewhere in Southern  Spain, doing nothing. No plans to sightsee, just enjoy the beach, and read, and flake out…and fill in the blog, of course!

About EA

EA is the digitally-verbose half of the Canadian Happy Wanderers duo (the other half is Jeff) who love tromping all over the place, discovering new adventures along the way!


  1. Finally got into the blog. Sounds like a ton of fun so far!

  2. It has been!

    Except for the Killer Jet Lag. I think we might be getting close to turned around, at last…

    If you haven’t been to Portugal (I can’t remember if you have or not), I think you and K would love it! Especially the white porto and fado music…

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