Great packing advice from Sue!

The day before we left for our grand adventure, our friend Sue, an experienced traveller, gave us a last-minute packing tip. She said to go and get a bunch of these packing cubes and organize our belongings into them.

She said that it helps SO much to be able to keep things organized without it all getting smushed together and mixed up when you are looking for that one particular top or pair of socks. Instead of rooting through the whole suitcase, we would just have to look through the packing cube with the tops, or the one with the socks.

She also said that they are a great way to sort-of unpack for quick stopovers, without having to totally unpack and repack everything the next morning. Just drop the cubes into the dresser, and you’re done!

I really didn’t think I had enough time to go to Vancouver to get them, so I didn’t think I’d be able to take her advice for this trip. I did need some luggage locks still, though, so I popped into the local travel shop to pick a couple up, and there were the packing cubes, right there in my neighbourhood!

I grabbed a bunch without actually knowing how many we’d both need, or which shapes/sizes to get. As it turns out, I didn’t quite get enough.

But I absolutely love the ones I do have! What a great invention. They really do work to let us pack a lot of stuff in really tightly without getting all jumbled up and lost, and they really make packing up for the next leg of our journey a lot easier.

When we get home, I will get some more to round out our collection.

They make a huge difference!

Thanks for the awesome travel tip, Sue J!



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