So where are YOU spending Thanksgiving?

As for me, I’m off to Dallas to see my brother!

Jeff is already in Dallas for his annual corporate conference, and now I’m heading down to join him and to spend the weekend with my brother Russ and his family.

We’re even going to have a go at celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving together while we’re there!

In fact, I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving at all. (Pumpkin was a strange thing to consider eating, and especially pumpkin in a pie? Isn’t that what apples are for?) My parents were British, and Thanksgiving is a decidedly North American celebration.

Once I reached an age of influence in my home, thinking I was probably 17 or 18 by then, we decided to give Thanksgiving dinner a go, and we found we rather liked it. So, most years since then, it’s become part of my world, too.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what Russ’s experience with it is, or how often he has celebrated it in October since relocating to Dallas, his wife Cari’s home. I’ll have to ask him. (We were 28 and 29 when we first met, and it’s amazing how many little details there are to catch up in your sibling’s life when you spent so many years apart.)

Probably the bigger story is that this will be our very first Thanksgiving together! Only took 50/51 years.

I’m pretty stoked.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Love your families, whatever the makeup of the little band of people you consider most near and dear (blood, adoption, marriage, friends…). They’re all pretty special.

Yup, Happy Thanksgiving, indeed! 🍗

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